2019 Information Pack

Q) What Notebook should I select?
A) We recommend the “13 Inch Latitude Ultrabook” for all Students. We believe this device is the best fit for each student attending WSSC.  The Ultrabook has 8+ hours battery life and is the most robust Model. We do however have options for a larger screen notebook (High End Inspiron 15 Option).

Q) What is the difference between the 13 Inch Ultrabook and 15 Inch Multimedia notebook?

  • The 15 Inch Multimedia notebook has a screen size around 2 inches bigger than the 13 Inch Ultrabook. The processor speed is also quicker on the 15 Inch Multimedia, but we find this extra speed isn’t noticeable in 99% of the task our student perform on the notebooks.
  • Because of the small difference in performance, but large difference in price, weight and durability, we recommended the 13 Inch Latitude Ultrabook device for all students regardless of their studies

Q) Can I use my own XYZ brand laptop?
A) No, only notebooks purchased through the WSSC purchasing portal will work at school. These devices have been specifically selected and tested to fulfil the following categories.
• Compatible with the WSSC Wireless network
• 3 Year onsite Warranty including Accidental damage (To cover broken screens, keyboards, etc.).
• Battery capacity to enable the device to be used for the full school day without been charged.
• Protected with enterprise level Anti-Virus and Malware protection
Access to crucial subject specific licensed software titles.
• Bulk and Education discount pricing
• Onsite stock of repair parts and standby loan notebooks.
• Backup facilities to the WSSC Network
• Designed for Student use over a 3 year period.

Q) What laptop options are available?
A) The following Options are available (Detailed information on each model is available via the purchasing portal)
• Dell Latitude 13 Ultrabook 2 in 1 tablet, 13 Inch touch screen display 8 hour battery life: Starting at $995
• Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series Enhanced 15” HD non Touch screen: Starting at $1500

Q) What access do students have on the notebook?
A) All Students are to abide by the WSSC “Cyber Safety and Acceptable Use Agreement” (available on the Purchase Portal and via the School Office). Students will have full administrative access to their notebook and can install any additional programs they want, provided it is in line with the “Cyber Safety and Acceptable Use Agreement”

Q) When will I receive my notebook.
A) This will depend on when you have purchased your notebook

  • For purchases made before the 18th of November 2018, your notebook can be ready for delivery before Christmas.
  • Orders placed after the 18th of November, your notebook will be ready on the first day of 2019, or around 4 weeks after the purchase date.

Q) What is the accidental Damage Cover?
A) Accidental Damage is an insurance policy that will cover damage to your notebook that is deemed accidental. This might include broken: LCD screens, latches, hinges, speakers, keyboard, etc. Damage that is deemed non-accidental will not be covered by this policy. A Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) can be found on the purchasing portal page for this product. Currently only one Accidental damage claim can be processed each year.

Q) What cost is there for a Accidental damage claim?
A) There is a capped $15 claim fee for each damage claim.

Q) What happens when you leave the school?
A) With all previous notebook programs, students have had the option to return the notebook to the school, or have had the option to buy the device for a $10 payment. Any remaining onsite warranty will still be valid anywhere in Australia. It will however need to have the schools software removed and returned to the factory settings. We expect this to also be an option for the 2019 program